Oliver Zeter Riesling, 2019, Qualitätswein Pfalz


Oliver Zeter Riesling, 2019, Qualitätswein Pfalz, Pfalz


Riesling might not be your first choice when it comes to a great white wine, but one bottle of this will change your mind. Riesling is exciting, from the smell of fuel that makes you question if you poured the right thing into your glass, to the taste that confirms you did, and you should pour more. This is fun, refreshing and moreish wine.



Single bottle (75cl)

Single bottle (75cl)

The Four Point Lowdown

  • Limes, lemons and green apples
  • Lean, mean and green
  • Pairs well with very spicy dishes
  • Perfect for the BYO Thai restaurant of your dreams







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About this wine

This is a modern, dry Riesling, who's character comes from a vibrant, racy acidity and lots of fresh lime flavours.

Yes it's dry, no it's nothing like Blue Nun. Oliver Zeter marry tradition and modernity beautifully in their wines, taking a style which some see as old fashioned, and taking it into the 2020s and beyond. This Riesling makes you smack you lips together and pucker up for another sip. Un-bear-lievably good! This wine is also vegan.

What Makes It So Grape?


Produced in Pfalz, Germany

Oliver Zeter and his brother Christian bottled their first vintage in 2007. Not your typical winemaker, Oliver started from scratch and isn't bound by family traditions in the way he approaches making his wines.

Cultivating 6 hectares of the premier sites in Palatinate, Pfalz, Oliver works closely with growers to source the best fruit from across all of Pfalz. His meticulous approach to sourcing fruit carries through to his practices in the winery. Creating a range of wines from Sauvignon Blanc to Syrah, Oliver is a brilliant winemaker and a bit like a bear himself.

Buy for the bear, stay for the wine.

Anna Blakeston, Operations Manager