Pinot Noir, 2019, Oliver Zeter


Pinot Noir, 2019, Oliver Zeter, Pfalz


While bears and German wine names may scare some folks (See Spätburgunder and Trockenbeerenauslese) there is absolutely nothing to fear with this bear or beverage.



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The Four Point Lowdown

  • Bursting with black cherry
  • Subtly spiced softness
  • Goes well with (Mighty) Duck
  • Perfect for needing to impress at dinner







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About this wine

When most people think of Pinot Noir they think of Burgundy, but this Bear clad beverage should be at the front of your mind and first to fill your glass.

This is a modern style Pinot Noir made by one of the rising stars of Pfalz, Oliver Zeter. You'll instantly recognise the classic Pinot Noir flavours of cherries, plums, cranberries and that earthy savouriness, but the German twist is the subtle spices that carry through from the time the wine has spent in oak (French, obviously). Booze aside, Oliver's great grandfather Walter Baer (Baer = "Bear" in German) was drawn as a bear holding a glass of wine by the artist Otto Dill. The OG drawing was on a postcard that was signed by Walter's friends to mark an evening in 1933 when Walter wasn't able to join them for a few glasses of wine as they usually would. Oliver still has this postcard in his kitchen and had always declared that when he made a wine the bear would be on the label. This wine is also vegan.

What Makes It So Grape?

Pinot Noir

Produced in Pfalz, Germany

Oliver Zeter and his brother Christian bottled their first vintage in 2007. Not your typical winemaker, Oliver started from scratch and isn't bound by family traditions in the way he approaches making his wines.

Cultivating 6 hectares of the premier sites in Palatinate, Pfalz, Oliver works closely with growers to source the best fruit from across all of Pfalz. His meticulous approach to sourcing fruit carries through to his practices in the winery. Creating a range of wines from Sauvignon Blanc to Syrah, Oliver is a brilliant winemaker and a bit like a bear himself.