Rully, 2019, David Moret


Rully, 2019, David Moret, Burgundy


Creamy and rich with ripe peaches, vanilla, butter and oak. This is a show stopping white Burgundy.



Single bottle (75cl)

Liquid gold
Rich intense Peach







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About this wine

Our 2018 Rully by David Moret is bright and golden in colour, with a creamy and nutty aroma. Peaches and tart apricots with toasted nuts blanket the taste buds. The finish is the gift that just keeps on giving, where the best of white Burgundy flavours are discovered.

This is a full bodied white Burgundy (this term is referring to the most prevalent white grape in the region of Burgundy, which is Chardonnay) with a bountiful flavour and body and a luscious, lingering finish.

What Makes It So Grape?


Produced in Burgundy, France

Having no family Domaine to work for after receiving his degree in oenology and winemaking, Moret began his career selling farm equipment and working with local Burgundy vignerons. He purchased his first barrels in 1999 and has been making wine ever since. Today, David remains solely a winemaker, not a grower. Each year he hand picks and reserves small parcels of grapes from Burgundy’s best vignerons, usually 5 or 6 trusted growers and the same plots each year, ones he knows will produce the best grapes. David sometimes follows sustainable methods and sometimes not, he uses both traditional techniques and modern day technology.

Moret's philosophy is to simply make the best white Burgundy he can, and he does not discriminate against any style of winemaking. Having tried and tested organic methods but finding himself unhappy with the results, he follows instead a natural and “hands off ” method, showing an appreciation of the environment and delicacy of winemaking.

Chardonnay has always been my favourite white variety. This one is like a cashmere blanket, abundant and comforting. Imagine coming home from a blustery winter walk, cheeks flushed and legs weary. You walk through the door and your Nan is in the kitchen baking a buttery and caramelised bread and butter pudding. The warm, sweet smell of raisins, brown sugar custard and woody ,spicy nutmeg fill the toasty air. Welcome to Rully.

Daniella Santangeli, Customer Experience Manager