Staycation Case

Staycation Case

It’s time to sit back and relax. Whether you’re heading to the coast for the best of British sunshine (it exists somewhere!), or venturing inland to climb a mountain or two, nothing says relaxation like the pop of a good bottle. Enter five bottles of seaside/BBQ/hike ready wine, a pair of unbreakable Govino glasses, and a Vintner tote bag to make sure you’re wine ready anywhere you go.


Making the Case

Your wine should meet you on arrival.

The Staycation case takes care of every holiday situation. Five bottles is (just about) enough for a getaway, and with a little bit of everything, you'll be ready for anything. The La Pierre du Diable Rosé is a delicious pale pink that's versatile enough to be a sunshine sipper, or a dinner time treat. The Semeli Feast is your summer evening secret weapon. It loves being drunk in the heat, and is perfect with BBQ. The Miopasso Grillo Appassimento is bound to be your summer romance - you'll love it, and it'll turn into a long term relations-ip. The Jelmas Extra Dry is fizz for any occasion. We think it's better than pretty much any prosecco you'll find, and it looks as good as it tastes. Last, but absolutely not least, the Éminence de Bijou is almost beyond-words good, but we found some, and those words are - treat yourself!

The fun doesn't stop with the wine. To make your summertime sipping all the more easy, we've included two Govino glasses that are perfect for on-the-go wine, and a limited edition Vintner tote bag to carry them, and your wine choices, to wherever you're going. Now all you have to do it order, and don't forget, we can deliver to your house, or your holiday destination (as long as it's in the UK).