The Lucky Sip

The Lucky Sip

Life is more fun with a little risk, but you shouldn’t take a risk on wine. With the Lucky Sip, you get all the thrill of the surprise, without the worry of a bad bottle. There are six entirely random bottles that are totally great! So, what makes it worth the gamble? Well, 1 in every 4 Lucky Sip cases is guaranteed to include a bottle of André Clouet Rosé Champagne worth £35.

£72.00 £103.00

Mixed Case (6 Bottles)

making the case

Your case could be worth over £100. And even if you don’t pop the ultimate case, you’re guaranteed some great bottles. It’s a win-win.

Usually here we would tell you all about the bottles in the case, but we’re not giving away any secrets here. What we can say is there are some summer ready whites and some luscious reds, and some big-name Vintner favourites.

It’s a bit like Christmas morning in middle of the summer, but the wrapping paper isn’t getting in the way, and you don’t have to make a roast (though you might want to, depending on what you get in your magical mystery box). Add a little extra excitement (as if you needed it) to your next Vintner order with the Lucky Sip.

What you could wine...

On The Case

  • Could be Champagne

  • So could this one

  • This one looks kinda bubbly

  • Hmmm, feels like fizz

  • At this stage we're just guessing

  • This one MUST be good!