The Rosé Case

The Rosé Case

You can never have too much rosé in the summer. But which rosé is best? Wonder no longer with The Rosé Case. It's all about the best of rosé discovery, with 6 bottles of summer fruit goodness that are perfect for every sunny moment. It’s a Vintner case, so you know every bottle is a top-notch tipple, and you’ll never be short of a perfect pale pink when the time is right.


Mixed Case (6 Bottles)

Making The Case

We're in love, and have got you half a dozen rosés.

The La Collection Côtes de Thau Rosé is all about the three reds: strawberries, raspberries & cherries. It's fresh and generous - just like a good friend, so you can take it on every picnic this summer (it's great for showing off). Next up, the La Pierre du Diable Rosé is all red berries in a bottle? It's surprisingly interesting for a gluggable pink and is great with food, or by itself. If you have an ice bucket and nothing to do, this is for you. The Château Bauduc Rosé is equal parts strawberries, raspberries and French summer. It's a vibrant and moreish wine and pairs with smoked salmon and tasty nibbles - think sunny thoughts.

The Bardolino Chiaretto Rosé is full of red apples, raspberries and vanilla spice. It's crunchy and bright with mouth-watering acidity and matches with light, summer pasta dishes, so it's perfect for long lunches in the sun. The Durnberg Blanc de Noir is Blanc for marzipan and Noir for red apple. Crisply refreshing, like a good apple, it pairs with all the best picnic foods. Finally, a Vintner favourite, Éminence de Bijou, a big, juicy rosé from the south of France that screams prestige and will bring a sense of luxury to your everyday sipping.