The Vegan Case

The Vegan Case

Some vegan wines can be a bit dull, but the Vintner Vegan case doesn't know the meaning of the word. Here are six great wines that just happen to be vegan, great for pairing with vegan meals, or to drink on their own.


6 Bottle Case

Making The Case

Vegan living with wine on the side - every drop is as sustainable as it is delicious.

So what's in the box? First, the False Bay 'Old School' Syrah. It's juicy black fruits and a whole lotta earth, thick with intrigue and satisfyingly swirlable. Next, Feast. The name says it all for this Greek superstar. The cherry, strawberry & plummy goodness goes great with so many meals, and it's also wonderful when chilled on a hot day. For a fizz and a pop we have the La Tordera Jelmas. This absolute beauty of a bottle is filled with prosecco-esque flavours, but its so much better than your average Italian fizz.

If you're vegan meals demand white, or you're just in a lighter mood one evening, this case has more than enough pleasant surprises. The Gruner Veltliner from Durnberg is a Vintner staff fave, all apple and white pepper, it's a refresher to the last drop. The Rondover Pinot Grigio is a grat version of a classic bottle. This isn't your supermarket Pinot Grigio, and will leave you wondering why you ever bothered with lesser vino. Finally, for a taste of pink, the La Pierre du Diable Rosé is basically red fruit in a bottle. It's so good by itself that you might not think to try it with food, but if you do, you'll be roundly rewarded.

Veganism never tasted so good