The Veganuary Case

The Veganuary Case

So you chose Veganuary in the most challenging January of them all? As you're discovering new and exciting food, you'll need some equally delicious vegan wines to go with it, and the Veganuary case includes some of the best of them.


Making The Case

Saunter into February with a little wine on the side with Vintner’s Veganuary case. And if you’re not doing Veganuary, don’t worry, it’s just really great wine.

The reds - three of our best sellers for you here. First, the James Bryant Hill Estate Pinot Noir. Plums and raspberries exude from this silky smooth red, and the subtle hint of sweet vanilla is a dead giveaway of its Californian heritage. Next, Bellafiore. The name translates as 'beautiful flower', but we reckon that this wine is a thing of beauty, too, full of dark berries and raisin notes. The final red is the 'Old School' Syrah from False Bay. If you're in search of a spicy, bramble-filled Syrah, then it's back to school for you.

If you're vegan meals demand white, or you're just in a lighter mood one evening, this case has more than enough pleasant surprises. The Colombard-Sauvignon by Horgelus is as refreshing as wine gets. The blend of Colombard and Sauvignon Blanc grapes combine to create a white wine with powerful yet pleasant citrus notes. When you're in search of a wine for a lunch that will run long, this is it. The 'Slow' Chenin Blanc is also one to enjoy slowly. The snail on the bottle is a necessary reminder to take your time savouring this wine. It's so delicious that it sometimes disappears all too quickly. Finally, the Vudu Alvarinho can whisk you away from lockdown blues to the sun-kissed Portuguese Atlantic coast. Tangy, fruity, and oh-so-moreish, it is perfect for hot and spicy dishes. The Veganuary case will be delivered from the 19th January.

Veganism never tasted so good