Wildsong Pinot Gris, 2019, Te Awanga

New Zealand

Wildsong Pinot Gris, 2019, Te Awanga, Hawkes Bay


Searching for a summer sipper? Look no further, the Wildsong Pinot Gris is made for drinking chilled, and it goes with everything, or nothing. This is bottled New Zealand at its finest.



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The Four Point Lowdown

  • Stone fruit and lycee squished into a bottle
  • Ripe and round with bunches of Kiwi charm
  • Pair with anything spicy
  • Perfect for the vegan friend in your life




New Zealand


Hawkes Bay

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About this wine

We know it says 'ORGANIC' on the label, but that doesn't mean this it's organic first, and wine second. Te Awanga has made this Pinot Gris so that it's "let's make a great wine" first, with a side of "it should be organic too!

The label of this wine gives an indication as to what you'll find inside. The bottle is packed with a fresh and floral New Zealand summer. Packing a punch of flavours (you'll find pear, lychee, almonds, honey and more here) balanced with a dry finish that makes you "Ahhhhhhhh!" out loud. If there was such a thing as beachside wine, this would be it.

What Makes It So Grape?

Pinot Gris

Produced in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Te Awanga is part vineyard, part postcard. Standing on an ancient river terrace (we're not entirely sure what that really is either, but it makes for amazing wine) the vineyard has been making grapes from over 25 years that really capture the best of the coastal air and New Zealand sun.

Hawkes Bay is a corner of New Zealand wine royalty. It's perfect for growing, and Pinot Gris is more popularly grown here than in most places. Fun fact - there is a lot of cyclone activity in Hawkes Bay so wines can fluctuate a little. When you find a great wine (like this one) from here, don't hesitate to get your hands on it.